-How Our Company Works-

      The unique and proven billing system, combining the technology with our unmatched knowledge of medical billing, decrease the turn-around time of your claims and maximize reimbursements. Our full service approach to billing was born of an understanding of the constant changes in healthcare. Physicians Consulting Group, LLC., offers you an expert billing team that is reliable, fast and accurate. Our focus is on follow-up and retrieval of payments that might otherwise go unpaid, resulting in a service to you, whose financial benefits far outweigh the cost. We can take over your billing duties in a matter of weeks!

Medical Marketing

      Today's challenges, when building and maintaining a successful medical practice, extends far beyond the ability to attract and retain professional referrals. Health care business owners are subject to the dynamics of the marketplace, competition has increased, referral networks have slowed, and the progression of new technologies has introduced unanticipated vulnerabilities. Turf battles have emerged and referral networks are diminished as referrers begin to bring services in-house. Is your referral network large enough to support your practice goals?

      Physicians Consulting Group, LLC., has helped medical practices build, grow, and protect their practices all while enhancing their image with both patients and referral sources. We've built relationships with these clients and devised solutions for their toughest marketing problems. So, we know the challenges you face every day and we've spent years refining ideas and building upon our knowledge of medical marketing. We can help you position your services and identify opportunities to take your practice to the next level.

      Physicians Consulting Group, LLC., employs experienced representatives to visit referral sources, on your behalf, introducing your practice to their practice.  Referral sources outside the medical industry do exist and are included in your marketing strategy.

Insurance & Billing

     Physicians Consulting Group, LLC., can arrange for you to go on-site and offer your services to the employees of major corporations.  You will be the only provider on-site, and allotted the whole work day if you choose. Most locations have over 1,000 employees for you to reach out to, and when compared to a two hour health fair where your message can be diluted amongst other vendors, this ensures productivity to be 100% effective .   

Services we can offer in this area include but are not limited to:

* Billing Services
* Compliance Services
* Insurance Network Development

* Contract Negotiations with Carriers - Nationwide

*Employee Certification Programs

*Staffing Services - NJ / NY / CT / MD

-Our Services-

Below area list of individual services Physicians Consulting Group, LLC., provides for the Medical Community. Physicians Consulting Group, LLC., is a team of consultants that will be responsible for providing these services for your practice, at a monthly fee, for a 12 month period.

{ Package A}-(Click link for more information)

Doctor to Doctor – Referrals received from Insurance participation or Physician relationships.

  • Referral Source Development

  • Staffing - Training Programs for Employees

  • Contract Negotiations ( Ex. Horizon )

  • Office Management

  • Billing Services

{ Package B }-(Click link for more information)

IME Network – Referrals received from I.M.E. vendors, Adjusters, Case managers, and Counsel

  • Certified Legal Nurse Consultant

  • Education Session

  • Fee and/or Contract Negotiations

  • Billing Services

{ Package C }-(Click link for more information)

Workers’ Compensation Development – Referrals received from Case Mangers, Adjusters, and Counsel

  • In-House Education session to understand current conditions

  • Increase Reimbursement rates

  • Contract Negotiations and Network Development

  • Attend Industry Conferences and Conventions

{ Package D }

Surgery Center – Referrals received to utilize facility

  • Negotiate to allow procedures at your facility from current referral sources and New

  • Recruit qualified physicians to share ownership in facility

  • Conduct events for case managers and adjusters to promote use of facility

  • Attend conferences and conventions

{ Package E }

Network Security

  • Compliance Services

Medical Office Relocation Services

  • Qualify locations for highest potential for growth

  • Develop understanding of highest volume referral sources

  • Staff and promote new location through our current relationships


Graphic Design & Printing

  • Website Design, Development and Hosting
  • Website Overhaul & Maintenance
  • Logos / Branding
  • Marketing Materials

-Serving Our Clients-

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