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Physicians Consulting Group, LLC., employs experienced representatives to visit referral sources, on your behalf, introducing your practice to their practice. Referral sources outside the medical industry do exist and are included in your marketing strategy.

Medical practices will, over time, receive most of the patient referrals from only a few sources. This growth trend effects the majority of medical practices, due to the fact that as a practice becomes busy the main “Rainmaker” is now seeing patients all day.

Since personal contact with any type of referral source is required, a physician must rely only on positive outcomes of patients, and an occasional run-in at a function or hospital to maintain or grow the practice.

If this scenario fits your practice, now is the time to see your options. Visit our "Physicians Page" to decide what type of referral source you would like to add to your practice.


      Physicians Consulting Group, LLC., medical practice management consultants cover every issue a physician, manager, and administrator encounters in an organization. From your very first contact with us, our consultants will work to understand and improve your situation using detailed review and analysis and realistic planning and implementation. Our clients always receive the time, expertise, and desired results they are looking for when they come to us.

      In today’s changing environment short, and long term planning are needed for any business to grow and remain successful. An objective approach to incorporating changes for growth and prosperity, include feasibility studies, educational programs, and financial analysis. We have worked with many hospitals and physician groups with such strategies, providing step-by-step guidance in both formulating a plan of action and making the necessary changes during the process of execution.

       In this critical process, our consultants use every available resource such as staff interviews, comprehensive data collection, assessing your practice’s operational and financial status, establishing areas in need of improvement, and restructuring. Many of our consultants have strong backgrounds in practice management and are well equipped to assess a practice from front desk operations to financial management.

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